DEWENWILS 100W (120V AC to 12V/13V/14V AC) Low Voltage Pool Light Transformer SHOSL07A

  • Certified to ETL
  • 100W Low Voltage Pool Light Transformer
  • Converts 120V AC to 12/13/14V AC
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【120V AC to 12V/13V/14V AC】100W transformer converts the household voltage of 120V AC to a safer 12V/13V/14V AC, providing a practical and secure electrical current level. Its multi-tap output design allows for easy addition or subtraction of new circuits to connect your pool lights and low voltage landscape lights.

【Easy Installation】With ten knockouts (φ1.06'') available for threading wires, high and low voltage compartments for storing the corrected wires, and two mounting brackets that separate the transformer from the wall to achieve better heat dissipation, installation is made easy.

【Durability & Safety】With a solid metal construction and sealed shield design, the transformer is protected against all severe weather conditions. This safety transformer is UL Listed and specially designed for low voltage lighting, making it suitable for direct connection to underwater pool/spa lights.

【Widely Used】Approved for both indoor and outdoor installations, it can be installed in garages for operating lights or used for connecting pool lights, fountain lights, submersible fixtures, outdoor landscape, and decorative lighting.

【2-Year Warranty】ETL certified for safety and quality assurance, this low voltage outdoor transformer comes with a 24/7 professional customer service team from DEWENWILS, offering troubleshooting and hassle-free return policies through Amazon. Your purchase is always guaranteed.

How to Choose Your Transformer?

1.Calculate the total wattage of your light fixtures in your plan.

2.Choose the transformer that is large enough to support the total wattage you need.

3.The transformer wattage load (total watts needed for your fixtures) should be within 80% of the rated capacity of the transformer.

For example: if you have 7 pack 13W landscape lights, so the total wattage is 91W. Then you can choose the transformer higher than 113W(=91W/0.8).

Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
Output: 12V/13V/14V AC
Max Power Rating: 100W

Easy Installation

10 knockouts(φ1.06’’) are available for you to thread your wire in. High voltage compartment and low voltage compartment are convenient for storing the corrected wires.

Multi-Tap Output

Choose 12V/13V/14V terminal outputs according to the length and wire gauge of your cable, make sure that the total wattage of your landscape lights does not exceed 80W(100Wx0.8)

Good Heat Dissipation Design

2 top and bottom mounting brackets separate the transformer from the wall, achieve heat dissipation effect.

Technical Details

Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
Output: 12V/13V/14V AC
Max Power Rating: 100W

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