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Blue tooth on/off switch range

My unit only had a range of 20 feet. Not 100 feet as advertised. St

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our customer service team will promptly reach out to you to address and resolve the issue.

Great switch, easy to install and program.

I installed this switch on my sauna heater so I can turn it on remotely. It works great. It is well built and high quality. The instructions are very clear for both wiring and programming the connection to your wifi and phone. I highly recommend this. The shipping was very fast too.

Locate Power

I first saw the power strip at local school, I liked the low profile plug and surge protection, More important to me was the 15; cord which allows me to place the power strip where I want it and not limited to where other power strips reach. Super Happy!

Great Product. Easy to set up!

This product was easy to set up and program. We now have working stair lights again, on a timer, and can control them from my phone. I used to have a mechanical timer that I had to adjust every time the electricity went out, or if I wanted to turn the lights on manually. This solved 2 problems! Awesome.

Works great, easy to install and use. Great price too.

Great Reading Light

It was exactly what I was looking for, making my reading more enjoyable without the eye strain.

Dewenwils’ 300W Transformer

I am very please with the performance of the Dewenwils 3 zone, 300W transformer. Previously I had (needed due to the number of lights) two transformers which were made of plastic: one for the front lights and one for the back lights of the house. After a couple of years, I found they needed replacement due to the harsh Arizona climate.Having a single durable metal encased unit is a vast improvement. An adeed plus, is that it operates as specified using Alexa. The support staff at Dewenwils were extremely helpful as I found the instructions a bit archaic and needed their help to initialize the transformer.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our customer service team will promptly reach out to you to address and resolve the issue.

Wireless remote control outlet

Awesome product, works great!

Mildly Surprised

This item works exactly as advertised! I was a bit skeptical, but decided to take a chance based on all the positive reviews.

Clear instructions. It was an easy install.
Very Happy with purchase.

Works as advertised.

Just replaced my 5 year old timer with another one. Unit used for outdoor
lighting around the motorhome. Gets exposed to a lot of bad weather and
salt air. Was still working but began clicking loudly when on, so replaced
it before would fail. Unit worked great and is very reasonably priced.

Beautiful, small, peaceful, well-constructed

It's all there in the title. This a great little lamp and it felt really good to get it someplace other than AMAZON! Shipped fast and arriving in secure, minimal packaging, Dewenwils did right by me with this lamp. Recommended!

Perfect for what we needed

Sturdy base, easy to assemble, good looking and functional-what more could you ask for at the price?

It does all it's advertised to do.

It holds onto the pages well; it doesn't add excessive weighth; it lights at a variety of good angles; it's easy to charge (and kinda fun); and it looks good. In fact, I had bought two: one to keep and one to send to my aunt. It turns out the customs people liked it so much, they kept it. Ha! : )

Works 80% of the time properly

The transmitter and receiver are about 6 feet apart. 20% of the time w2hen attempting to turn the lights on I have to press the transmitter on & off switch multiple time in order to get the lights on. It always turns off 100% of the time!

Easy to use

This remote functions easily with no possible way to mess it up. Just don't forget to pull the tab on the remote so the battery is activated.


When I opened the box there were parts from both remotes in the bottom and only one battery. Upon further inspection it was evident someone had broken both of them. It was not a happy day.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our customer service team will promptly reach out to you to address and resolve the issue.

I bought this to time the lights for my plant growing. The 6 foot cord is great for me as I don't have a really close outlet. Setting the times for on and off wasn't difficult. I was amazed to see that it had sunrise and sunset settings, though I won't use those. So far, GREAT. Now let's just see if it lasts longer than my old one--about 5 years.