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Works great. Easy to install. Connecting to WiFi was a bit challenging because directions show a picture of the middle (2) button and refer to the “reset” button. It took several attempt to discover that the reset button is actually the power button and I should have been using the first button to reset the unit

Outdoor wireless remote control outlet does not work, 20 ft at best I have ask for a new set i hope it works

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Great Timer

Once I figured out the controls form the manual (a whole 15 minutes with testing), I was able to set my watering routing well. I like that I can select specify days, the time, and the frequency. This helps since my city has watering restrictions on certain days.


These switches are great. I had been paying an electrician to chase wire at a big expense. I get these and my repairman was able to install the receiver and the switches with no mess, and it was pretty simple. These are my new found answer to old house wiring. Great product.

Timer for pool

I was able to install the timer but when using the app it wont open the setting or timer I have an android phone.

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Gorgeous Lantern

I love my lanterns and will order another two. That will make 10 for me!

Flood Light

The motion sensor on my out door light change from motion turn on to just staying on. I ordered and plugged the SHRS201F into my light, and now I control the on off function. It worked out for me.

Great product

The timer is wonderful, it’s everything I had hoped!

Shades don’t cover up bulbs enough

Nice lamp, but unless it’s close to head height, you can see the bulb from over the shade, and the light is really harsh. Also shades arrived bent, had to bend them back into shape. Keeping it anyway but IKEA has lamps of comparable quality for less.

The one to buy

I purchased another Dewenwils unit some time ago but it did not have all the features I needed and it was much more complicated to program. This unit is more versatile and much, much easier to program. Highly recommended.

Sleek and stylish

Love these lamps! They fit our decor perfectly. Love the fact that you can adjust the brightness. Easy to assemble.

Dusk to dawn outdoor wall light

We love the ones that were not broke in shipping
They just took out 2 out of a box of 6 and mailed them off no packing in the box
The ones that were not broke are hung and look fantastic
Now we are wait to fine out about how to get it replaced
They were shipped very fast and we received them in about 4 days after the order were very happy about that part

Excellent product

This timer works amazing. Easy to install and looks good.


I finally got both zones set. I checked it the first five days. Never once watered the area. No trouble reshooting information. Back to a split faucet adapter manual watering.

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Easy to install

I was able to install this easily on my pool pump. The instructions were clear and complete. The network setup was quick and I now can control the pump and scheduling remotely.

Where’s my order?

I DIDNT receive my order. I have a doorbell cam directed on my receiving table that records any movement 50 feet from my door. I am home and bed bound and check the camera from my IPhone several times a day. Please reply [****]. Thank you.

We are really sorry to hear that. Our customer service team has getting in touch with you to help. We hope to help solve this problem.

Easy to set up works great!

This timer was super easy to set up and works perfectly. Where I live, though one is supposed to water only on certain days of the week and this model did not have that capability. So I am just using it every other day. So that would be a good feature to add to this.

Dewenwils outdoor lights

Great lights, a little hard to hook up. Lights a little heavy, must hold somehow while hook up wires, on ladder 10' up, using existing old power outlet. Don't know much of a way around that on your part. Made myself a small shelf on top of ladder to lay light on to hook up wires.