DEWENWILS 120W Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Sensor, 120V AC to 12V/14V AC, for Spotlight, Pathway Light-HOSL03H

  • 120W, 120V AC to 12V/14V AC
  • Detachable Photocell Sensor
  • 5 Timing Modes
  • Weatherproof & Corrosion Resistant
  • 3.3ft STJW 18AWG Power Cord
  • ETL Listed for Safety
  • For Landscape, Garden, etc.
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【Dusk to Dawn Sensor】The 120 Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Sensor allows you to automatically turn on your landscape lights at dusk and off at dawn in Auto ON/OFF mode. The detachable photocell sensor comes with a 6ft power cord, making it easy to install the dusk to dawn low voltage transformer indoors or outdoors. This is especially beneficial for exterior lights, as it ensures that they only turn on when needed, helping to conserve energy.

【5 Timing Modes】The 120 Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Sensor is easy to operate with the push of a button. This digital transformer has 5 modes, including manual ON/OFF, AUTO ON/OFF, Photocell ON/timer OFF, timer ON/OFF, and TEST, meeting all outdoor lighting needs in your back/front yard in an energy-saving way. It's the perfect replacement for an old transformer, providing superior functionality and convenience. 

【Weatherproof & Safe】The 120 Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Sensor is designed to be durable and sturdy, resistant to rain, snow, dust, and corrosion. Made of high-quality metal material, it can last for years whether mounted on inside or outside walls. The manual reset circuit breaker will automatically trip once overloaded to ensure safety. ETL Listed for safety and reliability, this transformer is suitable for all weather conditions. 

【Easy to Use & Memory Function】Simply press the MENU, ▲▼, and ENTER keys to set your preferred modes in turn. The built-in hanging holes and 3.3ft STJW 18AWG power cord are designed for mounting on an outside wall directly. With a memory function, the low voltage power transformer retains the mode you selected before a power outage. 

【Wide Application】
The 120 Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Sensor has a power output of 120W, converting 120V AC household voltage to 12V/14V AC safety voltage. This makes it more stable and practical for outdoor lighting applications. It's compatible with all 12V/14V low voltage LED and halogen lighting for landscape, garden, yard, and garage, such as walkway lights, deck lights, garage lights, spot & flood lights, lawn lights, pool lights, water features, and more. 

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(1) If the transformer does not connect with load, it shows no output at terminals. Please check your lights are connected or not before mearsuring voltage.

(2) Any longer than 150ft cable per tap is not recommended for connecting with DEWENWILS Low Voltage Transformer.

(3) The transformer has a power-off memory function.When the transformerpowers on again, the transformer will enter the working mode before thepower failure.

(4) Circuit breaker may need to be reset if the transformer is not working.

landscape transformer with timer

1.Calculate the total wattage of your light fixtures in your plan.

2.Choose the transformer that is large enough to support the total wattage you need.

For example: if you have 7 pack 13W landscape lights, so the total wattage is 91W. Then you can choose the transformer higher than 91W.
Output: 12VAC/14VAC
Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
Max Power Rating: 120W

Packing List:
1× Low-Voltage Transformer
3 x Screws
3 x Wall Anchors
1 x Photo Sensor Bracket
1 x Photo Sensor
1x Instruction Manual

To set the clock

Notice: Set the current time of the tranformer same as your mobile before setting the PHOTO ON, TIMER OFF model and TIMER ON, TIMER OFF model. For example, the current time is 7:10 AM. Press the MENU button to change the CLOCK,press ENTER. The AM and PM lights will flash, Push the up buttons to select AM, press enter, Next the hour position will flash, Press the up/down button to djust the hour to 7, press enter, Now the minute position will flash, same as hours , The current time of 7:10 AM is now display. And the clock model is now set. The sequence of the mode is ON-Auto-Countdown Timer(1-9 hours)-OFF.

To set AUTO ON/OFF Model

Press the MENU button to select AUTO ON/OFF. The green light will illuminate and the display will flash,press ENTER button. The landscape lights will automatically turn on at night and off at daylight. No other additional setup is required. By the way, there is a 30 second delay from when the photo sensor determines darkness and the transformer turns on.


Your would use this setting make your lights to turn on at night and off at a time you choosing. For example, we want the landscape light will turn on at nightfall, turn off at 11:30 PM.Press the MENU button until the green light is on PHOTO ON, TIMER OFF model,press ENTER.The display will show OFF, press ENTER. The AM and PM lights will flash. Push the down buttons to set the time same as the clock setting. The current time of 11:30 PM is now display. The photo on, timer off model is set.

TEST Model

Use this mode to test the photo sensor and transformer operation. Covering the photo eye turns on the transformer. Uncovering the photosensor during the daytime or shining a bright light onto the photo sensor will turn off the transformer. Note: there is no 30 seconds delay in this mode.

Technical Details

Output: 12VAC/14VAC
Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
Max Power Rating: 120W

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